Scrubs, Gloves & Microscopes


Students learning about Physical Therapy

Explore Health Professions

Scrubs, Gloves, & Microscopes (SGM) is series of health careers exploration sessions for high school students currently in grades 9 - 12. An SGM session gives you the opportunity to briefly experience life in a health profession, or health professional program. Each session is approx 3-4 hours in length. Students may sign up for 3 sessions (max) each academic year. These sessions take place on the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities campus. During each SGM session, you may:

  • Learn from professional school students and professionals in the field,
  • Participate in a hands-on experience,
  • Discover important next steps for pursing the featured career!

SGM 2015-2016

Registration for 2015-2016 SGM sessions is closed, as all of the programs (and waitlists) are full. These programs fill up quickly each year, so we recommend registering soon after the program schedule is released each fall. 

Want SGM Updates?

If you would like to receive updates and notifications about the 2016-2017 SGM program schedule, you can submit your contact information via this online form.

If you have any questions about the SGM program, session content, program logistics, etc. - please contact Laura Fyfe in the Health Careers Center at 612-624-0903 or If you have any questions or issues with the registration process, please contact the staff at the U of M Tickets & Events office at 612-625-2345 or

Hands-on Experience

Past Scrubs, Gloves & Microscopes

See some photos from past SGM events on our Health Careers Center Facebook page.