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Online Workshop to Guide You in College Planning

Welcome to Code U! This interactive, online workshop and accompanying planning guide will help high school students think through the process of planning for college, learn how to choose a college, and how best to prepare for a health career.

Whether you are still deciding on a career path or you know exactly what you want to do, this workshop provides assistance in exploring different careers and getting ready for college.

Benefits of Code U
Learn about health careers. Learn about yourself and for which health professions you might be best suited. Get advice from college students who are planning on a health profession. Get answers to your questions.

Learn how to approach selecting a college that is a good fit. Learn what to do and what NOT to do. Learn how to achieve your dream.

Start today!
Code U is online and can be done on your own time, at your own pace. Do all of the activities in this workshop or just the ones that best suit you.

How It Works
There is no cost associated with Code U. Students interested in this workshop register online by clicking here:
Register for Code U

Once logged in, you can click through each screen, answer questions, watch short video clips, read helpful information, and complete activities throughout the workshop. The workshop can be done on your own time, at your own pace. Access is allowed at anytime, 24/7/365.

At the end of the workshop, if you choose to, you will have a completed workbook that will ultimately document your personal decisions and opinions on what factors are important for you in a college and what you will look for in a career.

What’s Included
Code U includes a lot of insightful information. The following is a brief outline on the content of both the online workshop:

Code U
Student Activities
Provides an overview of the workshop and how to proceed.
Exploring You:
Determining interests, values, characteristics, and more! 
  • Mapping healthcare experiences
  • Determining your own characteristics and interests

Exploring Health Careers:
Importance of GPA, admissions tests, outside activities, and other needed preparation pieces.

  • Determine fields to explore
  • Test your knowledge
  • Informational interviewing

Prepare for College:
Courses that matter in high school, importance of SAT/ACT tests, getting involved in your community, leadership opportunities, honors, and more!

  • Record your activities
  • Other preparation for the college application
College to Career:
Types of degrees, what to consider and think about, college exploration related to future health career plans.
  • What is important in a college
  • What are the requirements
Welcome to College:
What college will be like, fears/concerns, student stories.
  • Planning your week and workload
  • Resources to help you
Preparing for a Health Program:
Thinking ahead, plan "B", choosing a major, prerequisites, gaining experience, cultural awareness, student stories, and more! 
  • Selecting a major
  • Planning prerequisites
  • Self-reflection
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