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Many students jump at the chance to go abroad and get health related experiences not available in the US. There are legal, ethical, and safety issues that arise when students make these choices. A good rule of thumb is that no student should provide patient care in another country if they can't provide that same care legally in the US. Students traveling abroad to gain health-related experiences, need to understand their role as global ambassadors for patient safety.

Watch Daniel's story for an example.

The Global Ambassadors for Patient Safety Toolkit serves as a resource for anyone who is working on this issue, from academic advisors, learning abroad professionals, faculty, sending program staff, and more. 

What is the GAPS Toolkit?

If you work with pre-health students, either as an advisor, faculty, study abroad provider, host, or some other role, then these tools have been designed to help you. This website provides you with the tools you need to educate students and assure that everyone working with your students can provide a safe and ethical experience.

As you use this toolkit, we welcome and encourage feedback. This was designed by staff at the Health Careers Center at the University of Minnesota, but what makes the tool useful is input from people like you who use this information in your day to day work.

To provide input regarding the toolkit, fill out this form. All input, questions, suggestions, and feedback are welcome. For example, if you would like us to link to additional resources, feel free to share those with us.

Using the GAPS Online Workshop

The Global Ambassadors for Patient Safety online module is one of the major tools in this toolkit. It is a convenient, free, online workshop for students, to learn about the ethical challenges they may face when participating in health-related activities abroad. Upon completion of the GAPS module, students take the GAPS Oath to indicate their understanding of appropriate behavior abroad.

Learn how to use this module in the Educating Students section or click to start the GAPS Student Module


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