Health Program Action Plans

Resources to Build Your Portfolio

There are many components to a student's preparation to a health professional program, many of them are outlined in this Build Your Student Portfolio section. Health professional program application committees are looking for well-rounded applicants, that have a wide range of experiences. Choose one of the action plans to the right to help you get organized on your road to application to the health professional program of your choice.

Action Plans

How to use action plan

These action plans are 'View Only' in Google Docs. Simply click the link to see them in your browser. You can download your own copy of the action plan to fill out by clicking "File" --> "Download As" --> "Microsoft Word (.doc)".


Meet with a Counselor

After completing a health program action plan, you can make an appointment with a Pre-Health Student Resource Center counselor to receive personalized feedback! Please be sure to submit your Action Plan as a Word Document.

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