Health Interprofessional School Fair


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The Health Interprofessional School Fair will take place on March 27, 2017 from 10:00am - 2:00pm in the Great Hall at Coffman Memorial Union.

Health professional schools from around the country will be on campus for this event, and eager to talk to YOU! Learn more about their programs, ask good questions, and start building your network. There are over 35 programs registered, representing schools in twelve states. Download the *free* mobile app to read up on the schools that will be in attendance - see below for download instructions.


HISF Mobile Guide

HISF mobile guide

The Health Interprofessional School Fair has a mobile guide in the U Minnesota app. The guide is a convenient and easy way to learn about how to get there, read about all the schools who will have a table, and get tips on how to ask unique, meaningful questions.

Just search "UMN" in the App Store or Google Play to get the app. Then, look for "Health Interprofessional School Fair (2017)" in the public guides and download it! A web version of this guide can be accessed here,


Event Co-Sponsors

Inter-professional pre-health studentsThe Health Interprofessional School Fair is co-sponsored by Interprofessional Pre-Health Students. The Interprofessional Pre-Health Students (IPPHS) group is a student group at the University of Minnesota focused on collaborative healthcare and interprofessional development across pre-health (undergraduate) students. IPPHS is a Campus Life Program in affiliation with the Health Careers Center at the University of Minnesota, who is co-sponsoring the fair along with IPPHS.

Getting There

Coffman Union

The Health Interprofessional School Fair will take place in the Great Hall at Coffman Memorial Union. Coffman Union is accessible by Metro Transit bus lines and the Green Line light rail. The nearest parking is located in the East River Road Garage.