Explore Public Health

teaching community health An Online Workshop to Help Guide You to a Career in Public Health

Public Health is a unknown career field to some people…many high school or college students are unfamiliar with it. But public health is all around us. With a focus on prevention of disease and disability in a community or entire population, public health is critically important.

This online workshop introduces you to this broad and complex field, helping you navigate the education options available. It offers valuable activities throughout to help you explore aspects of public health and make informed decisions.

This workshop content is available to everyone, everywhere, at no cost. 

Section Topics:

• Is Public Health for You?
• Jobs in Public Health
• Undergraduate Education Options
• Graduate or Professional Education Options
• Planning Early for a Graduate or Professional Degree
• Applying to Graduate School
• My Action Plan

Follow-up Appointment

At the conclusion of this workshop, there are instructions for scheduling a follow-up appointment with an PHSRC career counselor to review your Public Health Action Plan.


The comments and feedback provided during the “Personal Statement Critique”, "Action Planning", or similar sessions are provided for informational purposes only; the Pre-Health Student Resource Center makes no guarantees or warranties, either expressed or implied, regarding admissions decisions by any academic program, including those at the University of Minnesota. While we make every effort to provide accurate and current information, it is the recipient’s responsibility to consult with relevant admissions personnel to learn about admissions requirements and prerequisites.