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Health CenterThe Health Careers Center is here to help!

We are here to help you explore your health career options and give you the tools you'll need to apply to a health professional program, such as information about the application process, how to write your personal statement, and how to prepare for an interview. We can help you get the information you need through career exploration courses, information sessions and workshops, prerequisite and program information, and our website.

Take these steps to get you started in the right direction.

Start with a self-assessment

  • See if a health career is a fit for you through self-assessment. Think about your skills, interests, values, goals and more, before making your decision on which direction to take.

Explore different health careers

  • Find out more about the health professional programs at the University of Minnesota. Health careers outside of the University's academic offerings are also addressed.
  • Explore links to the prerequisites, admission requirements and deadlines, as well as resources for that field.

Take a career exploration course

  • Discover more about the different health career fields through a pre-health course, before taking the full plunge into a health career.
  • Undecided about a particular health career? Take the AHS 1101 (or AHS 1102) Orientation to Health Careers course and learn about potential health career paths through guest speakers, learning assessments and self exploration. Develop an action plan for your career.

Get involved...join a pre-health student group

  • Thinking of a specific health profession already? Join a student group and meet other students with similar career goals!
  • Stay connected with the profession through the many pre-health student groups available on campus.
  • Take on a leadership role and discover a whole new you.

Learn more about a program....attend information sessions

Gain experience by volunteering

  • Start volunteering to determine what you like about the field and expand your horizons.
  • Learn about the professional roles you would like to hold one day, by being in that health professional environment you seek.
  • Learn about why volunteering is such an important part of your application to a health professional school.

Applying soon? Get help with an online workshop

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