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Are you a UMN academic advisor or career counselor? Are you a pre-health adviser at a college or university outside of the University of Minnesota system? Or perhaps you are a high school counselor or teacher working with a student who has pre-health interests? 

This section of our website is created with you in mind. 

​The Pre-Health Student Resource Center works with pre-health students (students who are not yet enrolled in a health degree program)​ to help ​them​ prepare for a health professional program, wherever ​they might be in that​ ​process​. ​We support students all along ​their​ journey to a health career - from exploring health career options, developing an authentic and competitive portfolio of experiences, ​to​ preparing ​their​ application to a health professional program.

The information below is designed to help you in your work with pre-med and other pre-health students. 

How Students Connect with the PHSRC

Students can access the Pre-Health Student Resource Center in a variety of ways:

  • Drop-In Advising*: Typically, students can drop into our office in 2-565 Moos Tower between 9 a.m. - 4 p.m., Monday through Friday and speak with Michael, our PHSRC Student Services Specialist. He is able to assist students with many of their questions during those drop in hours. If the student has a need for a more personalized appointment, Michael can help set that up for them. See note below regarding adjusted services during this time.
  • Appointments with PHSRC Career Counselors: Students can make an appointment to meet 1-on-1 with a career counselor by filling out a Health Program Action Plan, or completing an online workshop (and accompanying work product, e.g. a personal statement draft).
  • Take a health career exploration course with the PHSRC (available for enrolled UMN students only). 
  • 612-624-6767
  • @umnprehealth on Facebook and Twitter 

*During this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, the PHSRC is operating remotely and does not have in-person drop-in hours. Students can still email us at with any questions, and/or set up an appointment with a career counselor. 

For UMN Advisors and Counselors - APLUS

As an advisor, there are two ways that you can use APLUS to connect students to our office. 

Using the APLUS Referral Tool
You can refer a student to the PHSRC by using the APLUS Referral Tool. There are a variety of reasons that advisors can indicate for the referral, choose which one(s) feel appropriate. Our office will reach out to the student with resources that match the referral note. 

"Interested in" Tags 
We encourage you to add the "Interested in: Pre-Health" tag for any student who indicates any interest in any health career. When appropriate, we encourage you to also add the other "interested in" tags for pre-health that are avaialble, which include: pre-dent, pre-med, pre-pharm, pre-vet. 

When these tags are added, those students will be added to our email newsletters and receive other annoucements relevent for students interested in health careers. To us, these tags are different than using the Referral Tool, in that they give a big picture look at what the pre-health student population on campus looks like, and helps us reach them with information. 

Health Career Options

This link provides information on health careers. Explore career specific descriptions, occupational outlooks, and general program details for the health professional programs at the University of Minnesota as well as health programs not available at the University.

Health Career Exploration Courses

Have an eager student gunning to be a medical doctor?  Introduce them to our Future Physician Series. Are you talking to a student who feels pre-health is an intriguing area but they can’t settle on a specific program?  Tell them about our Orientation to Health Careers course. Explore the many credit courses the Pre-Health Student Resource Center offers.

Note: These courses are offered for college credit, and are available to University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus students and PSEO students only.

Health Fairs & Events

The Pre-Health Student Resource Center hosts a variety of events and information sessions throughout the year to help students learn about the different health career options available. Two of our major events include the Health Careers Fair (fall semester) and the Health Professional School Expo (spring semester). 

Online Workshops + Action Plans

Online Workshops
Our online workshops are packed with helpful advice, video clips, and short exercises to help students reflect on different parts of their journey to a health professional program. The workshops include an opportunity for the student to complete some "work product", for example, the Personal Statement workhop helps students complete a draft of their personal statement. In the Pre-Health Student Resource Center, we use these "work products" to increase effiency in student appointments - students are required to submit their online workshop "work product" before scheduling an appointment with a career counselor. 

  • Planning for Medical School
  • Personal Statements for a Health Program
  • Interviewing for a Health Program
  • Exploring Public Health
  • Global Ambassadors for Patient Safety

Health Program Action Plans
There are many components to a student's preparation to a health professional program, many of them are outlined in this Build Your Student Portfolio section. Health professional program application committees are looking for well-rounded applicants, that have a wide range of experiences. Students can use one of our action plans to help you get organized on your road to application to the health professional program of your choice.

Students then can use these action plans to schedule a one-on-one appointment with a career counselor, either in the PHSRC, or with you! It's a helpful planning tool for the student, but also for the advisor/counselor to see the big picture. Action Plans are available for the following health programs:

  • Dentistry Action Plan
  • Medicine (DO) Action Plan 
  • Medicine (MD) Action Plan 
  • Nursing (MN) Action Plan
  • Occupational Therapy Action Plan
  • Pharmacy Action Plan
  • Public Health Action Plan (access connected to Explore Public Health online workshop)
  • Physician Assistant Action Plan
  • Physical Therapy Action Plan
  • Veterinary Medicine Action Plan

Building a Student Portfolio

This section includes information to help students build a well-rounded and authentic portfolio of experiences that will help them become a competitive applicant. It includes information on:

  • academics
  • learning abroad
  • volunteering
  • research,
  • student organizations,
  • more! 

Health Program Information Sessions

Learn more about a specific program through these information sessions offered throughout the year by Program Representatives from each of the programs.

Program Application Guide

This section of our website outlines some of the common parts of the application process to a health professional program, such as: admission tests, centralized application services, letters of recommendation, program technical standards, etc. 

Letters of Recommendation

This section provides guidance for both students requesting letters of recommendation as well as for those that have been asked to write a letter of recommendation for a student.


Contact us at 612-624-6767 or email us at We are here to help!