Student Clubs and Involvement

Student GroupsAre you interested in getting involved with other students who are striving for the same goal - acceptance to a health professional program? There are many ways to do this! One great way is to connect with the many pre-health stduent organizations on campus. These groups organize group volunteering events, bring in professionals from the community to speak, and help students get informed about the application process for their specific health professional program - among many other things!

Interprofessional Pre-Health Students group logo

The Interprofessional Pre-Health Students (IPPHS) group is a student group at the University of Minnesota focused on collaborative healthcare and interprofessional development across pre-health (undergraduate) students.

IPPHS was started by leaders of a few of the other pre-health organizations on campus. One of the main goals is to plan or support activities that showcase teamwork and collaboration in healthcare.

IPPHS is a Campus Life Program in affiliation with the Pre-Health Student Resource Center at the University of Minnesota.