Global Ambassadors for Patient Safety

Peace sign IndiaAre you a student who:

  • Wants to experience global health first-hand?
  • Is planning to travel abroad to gain that experience?
  • Realizes there are limitations in what you can and cannot do when abroad?
  • Knows that you could put your future as a health professional at risk if you are not careful?
  • Wants to learn about these issues and become global ambassador for patient safety?

"If you can't do it here, you shouldn't do it there."

Before you pack your passport and head to the airport, complete the Global Ambassadors for Patient Safety (GAPS) online workshop and learn about what you need to be aware of when gaining experience in another country. The GAPS online workshop was created in coordination with the Learning Abroad Center and is designed for all students who are going abroad to volunteer in a healthcare setting.

For students currently enrolled in a health profession program, global experiences can be very useful in preparing you to work in a diverse healthcare setting. However, as a pre-licensed student, you too have restrictions on what you can and cannot do abroad. Complete this workshop to gain wisdom and insight from other students’ experiences. Learn in advance from their successes – and their mistakes – when gaining experience in another country.


Do you have a suggestion to improve the Global Ambassadors for Patient Safety online workshop? If so, we want to hear from you! Send your ideas to our office email at with "GAPS Suggestion" in the subject line.

Access the GAPS Online Workshop

This workshop content is available to everyone, everywhere, at no cost.

Globe iconGAPS Toolkit

The GAPS Toolkit is for anyone - advisors, career counselors, learning abroad staff, sending program organizations - working with students who are preparing or participating for a global experience. This section provides you with the tools you need to educate students and assure that everyone working with your students can provide a safe and ethical experience. 

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